DONATION SUGGESTIONS:  -toothbrushes  -toothpaste  -shampoo  -conditioner  -soap  -skin care  -feminine hygiene products  -purses  -backpacks  -brush/comb  -razor/shaving cream







-skin care

-feminine hygiene products




-razor/shaving cream

Project hunger’s current initiative is called TOTES N’ THINGS. We are collecting funds, as well as purses and toiletries for women. We will be filling the purses with these items and distributing them to homeless women. If you or anyone you know has any items they would like to donate or money to contribute to purchasing supplies, feel free to click the donation button below or fill out the form and someone will get in contact with you about collecting your items. Any help is beneficial to the overall cause and we appreciate your help.

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We are accepting items in the 7 cities of Hampton Roads, Richmond, Northern Virginia, Boston, Chicago, and New Orleans