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Lettering is an art form that I am mastering one day at a time. My love for custom creative art has caused my lettering business to flourish. Click on the link below to shop for the perfect custom item for you or maybe even to gift for the special people in your life.

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The beauty department has many facets and options available. You can book an artist for a special/private event. Services also range from booking for private events to classes and courses on skin care and makeup application. You also can book for photo shoots. Pricing is available on the site as well as specialty pricing on request.

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This Sunkissed Life is truly a place where everyone can connect. The blog is just the place for that. There is something for every reader. Topics from health and wellness, to beauty tips and tricks, personal life development and spiritual growth and guidance as well. Follow regularly and you may even catch some fun personal tidbits about me!


This Sunkissed Life is a way for the everyday person to feel empowered in their inner beauty, the art of lettering, and in life.

-CEO and Editor Jahara Stevenson


I found my passion for life in beauty and art. Combine that with some Jesus and you've got me!