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>Pescatarianism, also known as pesco-vegetarianism, is a lifestyle that centers on a diet excluding the meat of all land-based animals and poultry. While for some proponents of pescatarianism, the diet is an end in itself, for others it is a way-station in the transition from a diet that includes red meats to one that focuses solely on vegetables, grains and fruits. Pescatarians eat fish and other seafood and are sometimes described as vegetarians who also eat fish.

> a truly vegetarian or vegan diet runs the risk of deficiencies in several key nutrients, including vitamin B-12, iron, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids if not done correctly. Pescatarianism is a great stepping stone if you are working towards a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

>the pescatarian diet ensures that you're getting adequate amounts of these nutrients, which are particularly vital during the stages of growth and development.

>lowers risk of type 2 diabetes

>Pescetarianism bears many similarities to the Mediterranean diet, widely touted for its heart-healthy benefits. While the Mediterranean diet does not prohibit the consumption of land-based meats and poultry, it focuses very heavily on fish and seafood, which are readily available to people living in the Mediterranean basin. Like pescetarians, followers of the Mediterranean diet also consume large quantities of healthy fruits, grains and vegetables.

REMEMBER... this is referred to as a lifestyle not a diet because there is no reason to freak out if you don't follow all the "rules" right away, or mess up, or give in to a craving. If you are someone who loves burgers and wings and chicken in general, you may face some struggles at the beginning of your transition. Don't let that discourage you. If you grab wings one night or a burger, don't beat yourself up. Find a good alternative that you like and remember, it's a process. For some the transition is easy and effortless, for others not so much. That's totally okay. You can do it! Be proud of yourself for being brave and bold enough to make the switch. Lastly don't be discouraged if you're doing this for weight loss and there is no miraculous over night weight loss. Going pescatarian doesn't automatically make you healthier. You have to be very conscious of your carb intake because it's easy to just fill up on bread and pasta. You can do this. I'm here to support you and help you in any way I can!