"A Lifestyle Brand for the Everyday Woman"

Why Sunkissed

This Sunkissed Life. Such a light and refreshing name, but how did I get there? I get asked all the time, “What made you choose This Sunkissed Life?” For a long time I would just give a generic “I really feel like it encompasses me.” However, there is a little more to it than that. I have always been very interested in words and their meanings. I feel like knowing the meaning behind words helps understand the brand behind them. According to Webster, sunkissed means having plenty of bright sunlight. It also has been defined as having an attractive appearance that is desirable by many. Lifestyle is defined as the way in which a person lives, or an individual’s attitude and interaction with the world. I knew when I started my company, I wanted to combine these elements of beauty, art, and day to day life and experiences. However, those elements don’t necessarily overlap in a way that instantly makes sense. I thought about and tried a lot of different things and combinations of words to see what made the most sense and felt the most relatable and comfortable to me. I stumbled upon the combination SunkisseD LIFESTYLE AND INSTANTLY KNEW THAT I had found the one. fun fact, in my calligraphy I absolutely hate writing double letters (specifically s), the letter K is hard to write, and I HAVE A LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LETTER S. iRONIC SEEING AS THOUGH ALL OF THOSE ELEMENTS ARE IN MY BRAND NAME. I LITERALLY CONSIDERED CHANGING THE NAME ALL TOGETHER. ULTIMATELY I DIDN’T BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT REPRESENTED WHAT BUSINESS LIFE IS. ITS A BEAUTIFUL COMPILATION OF MANY DECISIONS AND CHOICES COMBINED WITH STRUGGLE AND DIFFICULTIES TO CREATE THIS ONE FINAL PRODUCT THAT I CAN BE PROUD OF. I LOVE MY BRAND NAME AND FEEL LIKE IT IS SUCH A REPRESENTATION OF MY HEART AND PASSION FOR WHAT I DO, WHILE INCLUDING THE DAILY STRUGGLES THAT COME WITH ENTREPRENEURIAL LIFE. WITH EVERY CHALLENGE I WOULDN’T ChaNGE A THING. I HAVE LEARNED SO MUCH ABOUT MYSELF AND MY ABILITIES THROUGH THIS LITTLE SUNKISSED WORLD AND I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jahara Stevenson