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Strong is Always the Goal

In the past year I have experienced some pretty low points. I like to think that I have done a pretty good job at pulling myself out of them. Some days I definitely wasn’t successful but I always did my best. In the midst of that I became very laid back with caring about what I was eating and drinking and just taking in. I didn’t care really what I was doing just as long as the socialization of the moment felt good, I was all in. Happy hours, late night snack sessions, brunch, endless mimosas, the list goes on. I found a lot of comfort in engaging and enjoying time with the people closest to me over these various activities. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time and partaking in a fun brunch or even having bottomless mimosas to celebrate your friend’s upcoming wedding day, or any event that feels like it should be celebrated. However this became the focal point of my life because I was trying to escape a lot of other things. That’s when it becomes a problem. I fell into not caring about what was happening to my body. Over the past month and a half I decided to be more in control of that. I wanted to be more intentional with what i’m allowing into my body and how I am moving and exercising and challenging myself and my body. It has felt really nice to be pushing myself again and experiencing new wins. It’s definitely a process and I can unintentionally be so hard on myself, so I am working on grace and patience for sure. You can ask any of my friends, I am a bit obsessed at the moment so trying everyday to find a healthy balance of obsession and consistency but I am proud of the journey nonetheless. Those that knew me a few years ago, you guys know how important eating clean and working out was to me and how insane some of my results were. Im working to get back to that place of feeling strong and capable and learning to love myself at every stage in the midst of the transition. Whether I am 100% to a goal or 10% to a goal, I want to be proud regardless and remind myself that everyday I am consistent is one day closer to being where I want to be. Sacrifices are necessary but the end goal makes them all worth it. So if I have turned down dinner plans, or certain outing invites, it’s nothing personal! Doing my best to stay focused means making some sacrifices that aren’t always fun but are propelling me in the right direction. Thanks everyone who has been supportive and tough in the midst of this and I can’t wait to see where I can get to. Strong is always the GOAL.

Jahara Stevenson