The Sunkissed Life


Jahara Stevenson

Life is interesting and brings us interesting people. A friend of mine was in town a few weeks back for spring break and it was so refreshing. Just having a new person around for a change with new perspectives and opinions and ideas. Artistically it makes for great creative expressions and collabs. There also is that great conversation that sparks from a new energy in your space. We met through my hunny and they are best friends. Amari is from up north in Pennsylvania so we do things a little bit differently here. We had some very stimulating and great conversations. One of my favorite things about Amari is that she and I can talk about random things or have a deep conversation and both be equally entertaining. We had some exchange of ideas and theories in regards to our religion. We both are Christians and proud of that. Therefore, we both share similar thoughts and opinions of Jesus and talking about it is always exciting. Hearing her perspective on things, where we agree, where we disagree is invigorating. 

I asked myself why I was so excited about conversations. I found myself wondering why I was so into our discussions. Then I realized, that's something I miss. My generation is full of social media and technological communication. We find ourselves discussing rap songs, reality tv, and drama but have forgotten how to discuss politics, traveling, world relations, and other things as well. Don't get me wrong I love music, reality tv, and almost always talk to my friends about different pop culture topics. However, in the same breath, discussing cultural norms and expectations, peeling back layers of ourselves, discussing life, future goals, other nations, and things of more substance is refreshing. It is stimulating and I thrive in conversations like that. Having a balance of both is very natural and acceptable but hard to find. I didn't realize how much I missed that with friends until I got it these past 3-4 days. I am willing to converse with absolutely anyone because everyone has a story and an opinion to offer. I love hearing people's points of views as well as their stories. 

Springtime is coming to a close and Summer is starting which offers me many opportunities for outdoor creativity and stimulation. Outside of a coffee shop, sitting under a tree at Botanical Gardens, or even just on my tapestry in my backyard, I will have the perfect environment to grow creatively and artistically as well as get the inspiration I need/want. I am so excited. Stay tuned :)