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Loving My Curls

Jahara StevensonComment

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE my curls. My natural hair is so special to me. As proud as I am of my curls, all of my fellow naturalistas know how insane the natural hair care market is. I am convinced there are 9,000 products and just as many companies trying to convince me that their shea butter and olive oil infused gel is better than their competitors. I feel like over my lifetime I have tried at least ¾ of the products on the market and somehow am still unsatisfied with the 30 different products I have. I am frustrated with having to buy everything separately because no one company just offers me a bundle of things that really work. That is until now.

I had the pleasure of very casually meeting a black business owner while I was home in New Orleans for Christmas. We began chatting and very quickly learned that we are both girl bosses out here killing the game in our fields. As our conversation progressed and I learned more about this adorable chemist, she informed me about her business called The Love of People. They are a natural, environmentally conscious, hair product designed for all people. One thing that I absolutely loved after using the line was that one box of products easily adapted to my routine and transformed my curls. I used the balancing shampoo, daily primer, moisturizing crème, flaxseed gel, and the styling crème. Initially I thought I was going to be overwhelmed by yet again using a million products at one time, but in fact I experienced the opposite. I used the shampoo, primer, and crème in the shower. I loved that despite using 3 products at a time, my shower time didn’t change. The products smell like I’m living in a bakery. However, the scent isn’t overwhelming. That’s a huge plus for this natural oils lover. Usually any food scents are a huge no no for me but I was obsessed. I loved that the shampoo didn’t lather the way a typical shampoo would. I felt like the product really absorbed into my hair and I didn’t feel like I was wasting any product. The moisturizer and primer didn’t leave any film on my curls and easily blended in. Once out of the shower I got to use my absolute favorite products of the line. The styling crème and flaxseed gel are HUGE winners for me. As someone who is obsessed with curl definition the flaxseed gel had me swooning quite a bit. It smells like heaven in a bottle and moisturized and defined my curls so well. They still had bounce and texture definition all day and never got too crunchy. I, without a doubt, overused the product because a little goes a long way but I was so obsessed I wanted to use it all!

After 7 days I already want to reorder a whole new box and I am nowhere near out of product yet. This sister team is really passionate about the health and integrity of your hair and work really hard to come up with a formula that is pleasing to all of the senses and gentle with your hair. I can definitely say my hair appreciates the switch up, and I can confidently say I have found the product that I can honestly say is perfect for my hair.

Check out their website to order your own products and let your curls experience a little lovin'.

You can also find them on Instagram at @theloveofpeople.

Love your curls and happy shopping!