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Richmond, I'm Ready For You

Thursdays are basically just the pre weekend. Evenings are spent usually unwinding from the week and preparing for the weekend ahead. People are often finding those last moments of energy to power through Friday. Tonight however was different. Richmond was on my priority list of places to live because I wanted to connect with a community of people who see the world in a way that I do. We don’t all feel the same way about everything, but we do feel a personal responsibility to be self aware, create things for the world to connect with, and to authentically feel as deeply as we can. For that alone I am grateful for this new phase of life. I am starting to cultivate that community and it is just as magical as I hoped. My evening was spent with me a painter/calligrapher, a jewelry maker/painter, a baker, photographer, and a french film student. We spent the evening laughing, trying French delicacies, cooking, turning the entire apartment into a set for a photo shoot, learning the definition of everyone’s names, sharing in conversation, and watching a short film and discussing the emotional responses. This simplistic exchange between 5 people from very different backgrounds, of different ages, and different life experiences was so freeing and rewarding. I have always had a vision for my life and a dream of what I wanted and it was all based on a feeling. The past 24 hours I was able to experience that feeling and it confirmed that I made a successful choice for myself. It confirmed that I decided something that made sense and was necessary for me in this season of life. The timing was interesting because I have had quite the emotional and mentally challenging day. I have shed some tears today and had quite a few pep talks with myself. Being able to experience this freedom for a few hours was more than what I knew I needed in this moment. If this is what I have to look forward to, then Richmond, I’m ready for you.

Jahara Stevenson