The Sunkissed Life


Jahara Stevenson

Open my eyes to a kiss from my hunny. Confused as to what day it is and where I am. (always a sign of a good night's rest) As I sit up and stretch I come to my senses. It's a fall Saturday morning, I am in my bed in my cozy room and I have no immediate responsibility. Talk about a good morning. I get up put a shirt on and get my cuddly puppy from the other room. We come right back to the bed and get cozy. After turning the tv on and snuggling up with my four legged baby, I quickly realized I was now wide awake and had an immediate need to paint my nails. Searching through my abundance of fall colors tickles my heart because I know that it is absolutely acceptable to have hunter green, maroon, and black nails because...FALL DUH! Everything is blissful. I am sitting in my bed letting my nails dry, the puppy is sleeping, hunny is back and doing homework, and Julie and Julia is on tv. How perfect can this morning be. Simplicity speaks to my heart and fall is my love language. Put the two together and I am in heaven. Certain experiences stir up memory filled emotions in me and this situation does just that. My heart is full, now once my nails dry my tummy can be full too.