The Sunkissed Life


Jahara Stevenson

We finally are done! We are home! For those that don't know, don't get too excited we didn't go buy a house or anything fancy like that, however we are finally all settled into our new place. I can say that I absolutely love the finished product. I always refer to my home by the house number. So the only home I've really ever known is 5409, and I can honestly say I had mixed feelings about that not being home anymore. I knew I was stepping out in confidence hoping for the best and it was definitely a risk worth taking. Now as lovely as my new home is...NO part of me enjoys ANYTHING about the moving process other than room designing. Packing, unpacking, reconfiguring, placing I thought I was going to go crazy and lose what sanity I had left. Okay maybe that is slightly leaning towards the dramatic side of things. However it's true. So much craziness is involved with packing and moving that I am very content if I personally never have to do it again. I'm better at supervising the move. But anyone who knows me can easily see that being the case. Despite the insanity it was definitely an experience that I appreciate. More importantly I can say that hunny and I were able to do it well without financial help from anyone and we are completely taking care of things on our own. One more notch in my belt of adulting. This adulting thing is starting to really kick off and despite the expected and unexpected challenges, I am greatly enjoying the ride. I have had tons of creative freedom with designing our space thanks to hunny and I've been having the time of my life with it. I'm sure if you asked my closest friends they would say I've been driving them crazy with my designs, trials, suggestions, and asking them for opinions. All in all things are coming together quite nicely. We had a housewarming that was super cute, I must say. Anyone who knows me knows I live for a cute casual party. It was a great trial for my upcoming birthday :) I'm so fortunate to have some amazing friends who helped in a storm on a Friday night to help us move all of our things across the city. The saying "you find out who your real friends are once you need help moving" is so true. My friends definitely helped out in a big way. We couldn't have done it without them. I can't wait for more memories and great times to come and I can definitely say "1109" is really starting to feel like home.