The Sunkissed Life


Jahara Stevenson

Hey guys! I hope everyone has been enjoying the new site. We've been working hard and doing a lot to get things perfect for you. Sunday we had a photo shoot with a few ladies of various skin tones, and ethnic backgrounds. It was so fun and I can't wait to share the photos with you all once they are all ready. We had a good time mixing and mingling with the ladies as well as just hearing their stories and getting glam and dolled up. What girl doesn't like that? We had food, laughs, and a ton of good jokes. Fellowshipping with other women and getting the opportunity to share a passion of mine with them is so liberating and freeing. I can't wait to reveal the pictures to you all. We did a few different looks and color pops. Each look was designed specifically for each girl and they all felt so beautiful afterwards and that is the ultimate goal. We want every client to leave feeling beautiful not just on the outside but the inside as well. We believe makeup is an enhancer not a creator. Makeup doesn't make beautiful people, it simply enhances what was already there. It's okay if you gain confidence from wearing it, just know with or without it you are a beautiful human and deserve to feel that. Stay tuned for the finished photos. We can't wait to hear what you think.